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         Welcome to Elite Glory and thank you for your interest! My name is Stephanie and I am the founder and CEO. I initially began wearing hair extensions in 2009 and at that time, my knowledge of the hair industry was very minimal. I would purchase hair and discard it in a matter of months. I had no knowledge of the different types of hair that were available. Over time, I begin learning about virgin hair and how to maintain it and finally discovered why virgin hair was so beneficial. Due to its versatility, I became very fond of virgin hair and converted from non virgin hair to virgin hair and was able to maintain it for over a year! I was no longer spending money on non virgin hair that I would just throw away after one use. No more being stuck with the color that I originally purchased and no more matting and tangling when I tried to wash it. I was thrilled that I finally found hair that would give me the versatility that I needed, allow me to wear protective styles, and also look very natural when blended with my hair.

           After sitting down and extensively researching virgin hair, I wanted to share my wealth of knowledge which I obtained over the years. I grew up learning that our hair, also known as our "crown" is our pride and glory. So in October 2012, this gave birth to the name Elite Glory, where our motto is "Royal Crowns of Fine Quality." I believe in my product, which is why I only  wear my own product with confidence. 

             My goal is to provide you with an excellent product at a very affordable price, demonstrate superior customer service, and educate clients on virgin hair maintenance. Elite Glory represents royalty, confidence, and beauty. It doesn’t matter the style or length, Elite Glory will meet your hair needs. Thank you for taking the time to visit my site. Please feel free to contact me at if you want tips on how to maintain your hair, provide feedback, or have any questions and I'll gladly answer.

I can't wait for you to choose one of our "Royal Crowns of Fine Quality" and become one of my beautiful walking billboards.


 May God Bless each of you,